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 Free Rubies Generator

Our free rubies generator for Mario Kart Tour is designed to get rubies from Nintendo for free. You can access the generator by clicking the “Access Generator” button down below. We have optimized the Mario Kart Tour free rubies generator to also give away a free gold pass for MKT. It can bypass the mainframe servers of Nintendo to get exclusive access to their ruby generator and give it to you. You will not get banned if you use our free gold pass and rubies generator. We guarantee that.

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Why do you need Rubies for Mario Kart Tour?

Rubies are the most valuable in-game currency in Mario Kart Tour. They allow you to fire the pipe – somewhat like a loot box – and get a random in-game item. Those in-game items are karts, drivers, items and gliders. You can also use rubies to race on the Coin Rush course. On this course, you have the chance of getting lots of coins.

So if you want to get ahead of your friends and other players worldwide rubies will help you with that, but you don’t need to have them in your account.

What do Coins in Mario Kart Tour do?

Coins are almost only used in the game shop of MKT. The shop refreshes daily – that means different karts, drivers, items and gliders every day. So if you miss some item, you will probably find it in the shop.

If you want to buy something with coins and you see the perfect item in the shop you will have to act quickly because it will be only there for 24 hours. To get the most coins in the least amount of time you will have to play Coin Rush a lot. And if you want to play Coin Rush you will need rubies.

The coin shop has three different tiers.

You automatically unlock the first tier at the start. It gives you the lowest tier of karts and drivers to buy. Once you are level 7, the second tier shop unlocks. Now you can buy (normally, not always) Super ranked characters and kart parts.

The third and highest tier shop gets unlocked at level 12. You can find the most valuable and High-End items in it. Remember that each tier has a huge price difference. The first one will be very low (just some coins) but the last one has items which cost over 10.000 coins.

Free coins for Mario Kart Tour

We also have created a free coins generator for Mario Kart Tour. It is not as good as the free rubies generator, but it works just as well. We would recommend rubies, but if you want to have free coins we deliver them to you. Click on the button below to get to the free coins generator.

You can choose what amount of coins you want to have added to your MKT account.

What does the gold pass do?

The Gold Pass is a paid service that allows of receive several in-game benefits for a set monthly fee.


Our cards are accessible in these sums $10, $20, $35, $50, $75, $100.

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