Dragon Ball Super Goes Live On Cartoon Network

Are you in love with the Dragon Ball series? Well, Son Goku’s adventure from the blockbusting classic anime continues in the follow-up, Dragon Ball Super, on Cartoon Network, from Tuesday, May 2020

Based on the shonen manga created in 1984, the Dragon Ball series initially aired in Japan in 1986 and crash-landed on Cartoon Network in the US in the late 1990s. With a total of 675 episodes, 20 movies, and more than 250 million manga sold across the globe, Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise remains one of the most popular anime of all time, and the mega fandom all over the world can attest to the popularity of this show

Ever since defeating the evil Buu, Goku and his friends have been living peaceful lives. However, their happiness is short-lived when Beerus, the God of Destruction comes to challenge Goku. With all of humanity hanging in the balance, Goku must get his friends’ help to become the legendary Super Saiyan God and meet this new threat. Their battle is just the beginning in this sprawling adventure. Dragon Ball Super reconnects fans with their favorite characters while introducing new storylines beyond imagination – including the reveal of 12 universes … each with their own God of Destruction!

The Dragon Ball saga hooked in an entire generation like no other anime at the time. Many young adults will have very fond memories of Dragon Ball, and now, another new generation of fans will be rushing home from school and straight to their TV screens in the hope that they are just in time to catch the next episode of Dragon Ball Super where Goku will lead the battles against much stronger opponents than they ever faced before.

“Cartoon Network goes to great lengths to carefully select the best programming for its fans, thereby emerging as the leading kids’ PayTV channel across Africa. The global popularity of Dragon Ball Super is the perfect match to reach our African households and anime fans,” Ariane Suveg, Director of Kids Content (Africa) said, adding, “Dragon Ball Super is the dawn of a whole new Dragon Ball era and we know that a whole new group of kids will now be attempting to go Super Saiyan with their friends!”

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly became the fourth movie to feature fan-favorite villain Broly as the main antagonist — but only the first Broly movie to be in-canon, which means that the previous version of Broly and all the other villains from the Dragon Ball Z movies aren’t part of Dragon Ball‘s continuity. Dragon Ball Super reimagined Broly with a new origin story and turned him into one of the anime’s most compelling — and sympathetic — characters. It’s possible that a future installment in the Dragon Ball franchise could follow a similar approach by adapting another of the non-canon movies. Other popular villains featured in non-canon Dragon Ball Z movies include Janemba, Cooler, Turles, and Bojack, and though none are powerful enough to challenge Goku at his current level, like Broly, they could be updated for their introduction into Dragon Ball canon.


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